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Seeking happiness ???

Seeking happiness ???

Why are we seeking happiness as if it was something we can go find somewhere?

It is important to learn about the origin of happiness and understand that happiness comes from within, never outside of us!! No spectacular object that your can acquire or individual that you conquer will bring any happiness to you, if you don’t already have it inside of you.

No, how do we find it? Spending a lot of time with ourselves. Connecting with our real essence instead of distracting our mind with what’s out there.

Meditation is an excellent tool to meet our essence and connect with the divinity that lives within us!!!

It is a connection with the Divine voice that lives within each person. In that connection, we develop that inner peace that with time makes us understand that we are ONE and that happiness grows inside us!!!

It a matter of taking a few minutes every day to detach from the noise outside and connect with the power inside. It is a beautiful process of intimacy with our pure self, our most beautiful & innocent intelligence that can guide us through life.

In that connection we can discover amazing things about us, we create and visualize our future & we find out our real purpose. It is a practice that can bring a lot of healing to our heart, develop forgiveness & in turn manifest real happiness!!

Like I always say…

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