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Are you focusing on the right thing?!!

Jane Morales

Are you focusing on the right thing?!!

This week I have been somehow disconnected because I have been 100% LIVING IN THE MOMENT!!!

Twenty years ago I married an amazing man from Sevilla, Spain. Every year Sevilla celebrates their spring festival known as La Feria de Sevilla. It is a week-long spectacular event with ongoing music, dance, color, flamenca dresses, beautiful people & lots of happiness!!!

It has taken me seven years to come back to this piece of heaven on earth. Even though my husband comes every year to this celebration & spends time with his family & friends, it’s always been hard for me to separate from my children. This year my husband, sister & friends told me that it was time!!

I forgot how much fun it was to come to Feria & completely disconnect from the world, except my kids as my heart is always attached to them ❤️.

As in Sevilla, the way many cultures live, including mine in Puerto Rico, is truly vibrant, impressive, admirable, electrifying, incomparable & define the true meaning of life!!!

It’s all about the moments we can collect, the experiences, sharing some food, exchanging stories, connecting through a smile, laughing together & learning to love each other through traditions that create real happiness!!

These are the things we should focus on, find time to do & plan for our future. Our long-term goals should not be about the amount of things we can acquire, but about the experiences we can live, the new things we can learn & what we can share with others.

Although I highly recommend at least once in your lifetime to experience La Feria de Sevilla, we don’t necessarily have to fly to Spain to find it. We can find happiness in our neighborhood by sharing what we have with others, opening our hearts & being able to enjoy, appreciate & admire what is available around us.

Create your party, share time, dance & laugh with your loved ones. Be generous!! Never expect for someone else to do it. Make it happen for yourself!!

It is not the fountain of youth that we need to be looking for; it’s the fountain of happiness that is available around us.

Go do it, live &

…start from Within

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