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Candy for the soul, healing stones & a goddess behind the magic


Candy for the soul, healing stones & a goddess behind the magic

Few people come to this world to share not only their talent but also their loving spirit and even more their gift to heal through the creation of divine beauty. In the process of creating, one takes a piece of her unique essence & crisp personality.

Her name is Bobbie van der Vlugt & she is the goddess behind every creation of her spectacular line Musa Jewelry.

Bobbie is the precise description of beauty, spark, uniqueness, color & friendliness that you find in the city of Miami. Born to Cuban parents, she is as international as the entire world.

She is a world traveler, a graduate of Syracuse University, a New Yorker, a Parisian, an Asian princess all combined into the spirit of a beautiful soul creating fantastic jewelry pieces while raising two beautiful children.

She began on her creative path as a model and later as a stylist for significant productions & commercials.

She was born to be in the limelight. Her passion for the aesthetics of beauty can be seen everywhere in her beautiful home in the picturesque Coconut Grove & hideout for the enchanting atelier for Musa Jewelry.

Her communication with the world is through her art & each one of her unique creations holds a story of ancient history behind.

Bobbie began collecting unique beads from all over the world during her many trips while working in production sets.

She had an extraordinary attraction for the antiques. For those beads that had history engrained in them. There was a purpose for these beads. They were either used for healing reasons, to uplift or merely to beautify its users. Bobbie had an impressive collection just for the love of beads. However, she didn’t know where that exclusive selection of divine energy would take her.

It all began when her mother was ill, and Bobbie wanted to give her a purpose while keeping her busy, entertained & happy. They started creating necklaces mounting the beads on fabrics. She would wear them during her travels, and people started noticing. They saw a new creation, something new and exclusive. People wanted to buy them. They wanted to own these works of art. Most of her first buyers were her friends, and they still are to this day.

Due to her fantastic line of work and opportunity to travel the world, her clientele grew. Everywhere she went people wanted one of her pieces, from royals to celebrities. Everyone was falling in love with Bobbie’s jewelry. Aristocrats such as the Marie Chantal of Greece to artists like Uma Thurman, Lenny Kravitz or Beyonce & local admirers of the artist, everyone was looking to wear one of Bobbie’s outstanding creations.

It’s is true that her pieces are out of this world, but the clients connect with Bobbie, through her essence. Without knowing, they are acquiring a breath of her magnetic soul. Her clients link to a part of Bobbie´s inspiration by choosing the bracelet or necklace they take with them.

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