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The Science of Happiness: Counseling for Spiritual

What’s the ultimate goal of life? To have a successful career? To be rich? Well, it all comes secondary because the number one goal is be happy. Happiness has been a human pursuit for as long as we can remember. Aristotle believed that happiness was the ultimate purpose of human existence. However, the world is so much more complex than it was, which makes it harder to be happy.

People today constantly run after happiness trying to find it in places like their jobs, relationships, careers, homes etc. and ironically the constant fixture of pursuing happiness leads to a greater chance of disappointment and depression. Modern concepts of happiness are primarily practical and not philosophical, focusing on what we might call the techniques of happiness. The concern is not what happiness is, but instead on how to get it. That’s why counseling for happiness focuses on the more practical approach of being happy; the positive psychology. The idea is to work on the thoughts, actions, and behaviors that make us more productive at work, happier in our relationships, and more fulfilled at the end of the day.

Here are powerful ways to train your brain for happiness according to positive psychology.

Ways to Be Happy, Practically

Quit Perfectionism

Perfectionism involves inappropriate levels of expectations and intangible goals. It often produces problems for adults, adolescents, and children. The sooner you realize that you will never to be perfect, the sooner you will let go off unattainable goals and focus on things that you can achieve.

Avoid Social Comparison

Every person is unique; their journeys, their struggles and their wins. When we compare ourselves to others we often find ourselves lacking. Learn to have healthy comparison that pushes you to do better, allows you to find what you admire in others and strive for those qualities. However, the best comparison still remains to be the one you have with your past self. How are you better than you were in the past? That’s what really matters.

Stop Maximizing

Stop looking for better options if you are content with what you currently have. This will leave you unsatisfied for the rest of your life as you will not have the time to be present in the moment.

Ditch Materialism

Attaching your happiness to external things and material wealth is dangerous, as you can lose your happiness if material circumstances change. Find happiness within yourself; your mind, your strength and your growth.

For Aristotle, we flourish by exercising our uniquely human capabilities to think and reason. You, too, can flourish if you really try. Jane Morales will help you through it. Jane is a spiritual and happiness advisor who can help you discover your inner self so that you can be truly happy and fulfilled. Get in touch with Jane Morales through our website, now.

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