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Jane Morales Believes Mental Strength Is The Key To Achieving Goals

Jane Morales

In today’s day and age, when immense importance is given to mental health and well-being, we have witnessed people getting more self-aware and conscious about their surroundings while indulging in positive thoughts. Hence, it is only natural for people to question the purpose of their existence, their goals, their ability to achieve those goals, so on and so forth. However, when people are mentally strong, they are able to reframe their negative thoughts into affirmations and focus on optimism. Mental strength helps you tune out unhealthy criticism and stay true to your values by focusing on your inner potential.

Mental strength advocate, Jane Morales is a writer, public speaker and leadership & development advisor. “I work with individuals seeking to make a serious change in life and fulfill goals, whether it’s career-oriented, personal, or physical. I specialize in goal setting, developing assertiveness, mental strength, improving relations and personal or professional goal achievement,” Jane Morales revealed.

Jane is the founder of her assertiveness, empowerment, and mental strength counseling method. Through her work, she teaches techniques to develop mental strength, assertiveness in decision-making, harmony, and happiness. Most of her work is based on simple principles of understanding the energy of thought, organizing goals and creating a plan of action. Moreover, it is about connecting with your true intelligence, taking control of life, developing self-esteem, finding meaning in life, as well as healthy living and relationships while making positive decisions for yourself.

Since people have different needs and unique personalities, Jane offers a variety of programs tailored to strengthen and develop the necessary skills for each individual, allowing them to grow not only as a person but also as a professional. Jane Morales shares a few tips on how to strengthen your mental health.

Work on your inner strengths

It is human nature to doubt yourself and pay too much attention to the outside noise, such as opinions from others or seeking affirmations from external forces. However, it is important for people to work on their inner strengths to either achieve their goals or live with happiness and peace. You will never find these things outside, as it all lies within you. Hence, mental strength, according to Jane, is the actual key to achieving your goals.

Mental strength plays a huge part in achieving goals

We all have the power to connect with our higher self, respect our instincts, and develop the ability to listen to what the universe wants to provide and follow its guidance to where we need to go to turn our dreams into reality. She asserts that she can take the person to the shore, but in order to do that, they have to swim themselves, and this is where mental strength plays a huge part. “People need to do the work themselves. I provide them with the right technique in the process of succeeding towards their own goals. Yet, if they don’t do the work, don’t complete their ‘homework’ or simply don’t trust the process, they will never make their dreams a reality,” she informed.

Take out time to gather your thoughts

Touching the tip of the iceberg, Jane Morales shared that people should take out time to gather their thoughts. Jot down the things that you would change or want to accomplish. Make a list of what you don’t like about yourself and see how you can change those things. Also, prepare a list of what you love about yourself and expand on those things. Be grateful for the good stuff. These small steps are just a means to kickstart the process of your mental strength. In fact, through her techniques and distinctive methods, Jane assists people in actually implementing these in their lives.

As far as mental well-being is concerned, it is about the changes you can make in order to work towards a specific target or goal. Sometimes, all one needs is a nudge in the right direction to improve their mental well-being and get back on track. This is where Jane Morales saves the day and helps people improve their mental strength, and boost confidence and faith in themselves, which can lead to a better and prosperous life ahead.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jane Morales is a human development, leadership, potential, and assertiveness advisor and meditation master. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Bentley University, Boston, and a Master of Science in Communications from Boston University. She is also trained in The Power of Intention, Positive Affirmations, and Living your own Success. There is more to Jane than meets the eye. She has completed a higher degree in Psychosynthesis – psychology that expands the boundaries of human potential while exploring values and purpose in life.

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