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Teach them GRIT!

Jane Morales

Teach them GRIT!

How could we fool our very own kids, the people we love the most, into becoming presumptuous, narcissist, unconscious human beings?

In the wake of the college scandals, parents need to stop and evaluate the direction they are pushing their kids.

-Is this what “I” should be doing?

-Am I teaching values such as honesty, self-worth, determination or perseverance?

-Am I guiding my kid correctly by counseling she/him to write lists of goals, use their mind in a positive manner, visualize dreams and work towards them in an honest, decent & respectful manner?

Do you realize that the school that your child will go to will not determine their success in like?


If you don’t know what grit is, you better learn fast!

Grit is courage and resolve; strength of character!! It is most certainly needed to be successful in life!!

5 Characteristics Of Grit:

1) Courage in the possibility of failure. Push through & stay focus!

2) Conscientiousness: Achievement Oriented vs. Dependable. How balanced are you on average of your days? There are good days & bad days, but if we sum it all up and measure the average, where do you stand?

3) Long-Term Goals and Endurance: Follow Through: do you stick to your goals or do you give up easily using excuses to change path and move on to something different avoiding the work that it takes to succeed?

4) Resilience: Optimism, Confidence, and Creativity. How strong is your inner-self to deal with obstacles along the way? Is your spirit in a good place to keep going, push through and accept the possibility of changing strategies to achieve your goals?

5) Excellence vs. Perfection: people with grit do not seek perfection!! On the other hand, they strive for excellence. Both are quite the opposite of each other. Perfection is ego based & a need to be recognized to be the one and only. It’s an a formed ideal.

Excellence is based on merit, purity & quality of work. It connects to your virtues, values & it’s an attitude.

Excellence is derived from the Greek word Arête meaning fulfillment of purpose or function and is closely associated with virtue. In excellence you accept the possiblity of failure, yet not giving up.

Teach GRIT & watch them succeed in LIFE!!

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