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My sadness was unbearable until this angel showed up

Jane Morales

My sadness was unbearable until this angel showed up

Yes, I do believe in angels that come to rescue us in times of need! This was exactly the case in this photo.

It was the year that my beloved #mom (️) was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme 4 brain #cancer. Days of sorrow, uncertainty & lack of time!! I was flying to see her every couple of weeks & it was just the beginning of a grueling process. Going to see her & dealing with the #disease, then coming home to #encourage, #empower & inspire my #kids while doing the #mommy duties was complex!!

I had no #energy, I had not interest in #socializing & I was simply sad!!

It must have been the trip where things were looking grim for my mom when on the #flight back all of the sudden, when we landed, the #pilot asked if I wanted to see the cockpit!! Completely out of the blue as if I was a 9 year old child looking for an awesome experience!!

He must have seen the absolute sadness on my face & decided to cheer me up!! As you can see in the photo, this was the #pilot, my ANGEL!! He received me with this spectacular happiness & treated my like a sad kid!!!

He showed me the inside of cockpit & gave me a short lesson on “how to fly an #airplane !” It was complete spontaneous and possibly the most important five minutes at that moment in my life!!! I needed to feel like a kid & #smile!!

When we open up to the #Universe in our most vulnerable time, things happen for us!! The angels appear!! I have witness this more than once!!

We must open our #heart even when we are in our most difficult moment, we must trust that some angel will come to help us out, we must never lose the #faith no matter the outcome of our experience!!

#Life has so much to offer & we are surrounded by #amazing people!! Some come to make us laugh, others to guide us & others to push us through.

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